On bereavement leave

Published September 9, 2014 by beachboxer

Grief cannot be scheduled foran employer or anyone elses convenience, Even mine. One of these days I will begin blogging – One of those topics WILL BE the recent death of my mother. The chaos of her life and the chaos since.

The Exile

This is a bit behind the curve, but I’ve been away. Last week the opening bargaining proposals of B.C. teachers made the media rounds. One of the things focused on was the teachers’ proposal to increase bereavement leave from 5 days to 10. It was mostly portrayed in a negative light. An extravagance. As the Courier’s Kudos & Kvetches notes:

Whenever we hear that the B.C. Teachers’ Federation is in contract talks, we shudder. We shudder because we know exactly how things will play out. The BCTF will make extreme demands, be it a 34 per cent wage increase as was the case a few years ago or lengthy paid leaves. The unrealistic demands are part of the bargaining process, the BCTF will argue: ask for a lot and meet somewhere in the middle. But we also know that newspapers and media outlets like to cherry pick these…

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