The Women You Left Behind

Published December 11, 2013 by beachboxer

Thought Catalog

I am your daughter, your niece, your goddaughter, and your second cousin. I am the young adult, stumbling ungracefully into the real world. And I am realizing that between all the encouragement you gave me when I scored a goal in club soccer or brought home a paper with a gleaming red A+ or received those college acceptance letters, you’ve suddenly changed your mind.

Now, I am selfish and entitled and lazy. You have pushed me into the corner with the scraps, just as I entered into the adult realm where no one is better than the people they know. Degrees, internships, and carefully calculated scores don’t matter, but a last name can get your foot in the door. I am still outside, and you have told me that I dream too big. If there is anything you learn from me, it will be to stop. Stop calling me self-entitled…

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