A closer look at Haida Gwaii

Published September 4, 2013 by beachboxer

I am so Proud that our Country could agree here. So Proud of our First People. ❤

Global News

Haida Gwaii is a series of islands at the western tip of northern British Columbia.

Recently reporter Elaine Yong and cameraman Tony Clark spent some time there to learn more about this area in our province.

Earlier this month people from around the world gathered to commemorate 20 years of cooperation between the Haida Nation and the provincial and federal governments, witnessing something that hasn’t happened in over a century.

[tp_video id=817662]

The ecology of Gwaii Haanas is especially important for the Haida First Nation and their opposition to pipeline traffic in BC’s pristine waterways is rooted in their history.

[tp_video id=820185]

The west coast of this province is on alert, watching and waiting for a large wave of tsunami debris expected from the earthquake that devastated parts of Japan in 2011. A lot of it expected in areas like Haida Gwaii, where clean-up plans are well underway.

[tp_video id=822729]


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